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Water Career Accelerator: 
How to accelerate your water career and take the right opportunity, even if you feel competition is tough. 

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How to assess water risks holistically, even without prior expertise. 

The 6 Action Taking Tricks:
How to apply your water risk findings to make the right decisions, initiate collaboration and identify solutions, even if you feel no one takes water risks seriously.

Water Risks Are Increasing - and Governments, Private Sector and Civil Society are Taking Water Risks more Seriously. Right Now, is the Best Time in History to Become a Water Risk Expert to Accelerate Your Career and Contribute to a More Water Secure World!

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Jennifer Möller-Gulland

Jennifer has been working on water risks and economics over the past 13 years - with Governments, Multinational Companies and NGOs. As an independent expert she works closely with the World Bank, 2030 Water Resources Group, UNDP, private companies such as Microsoft, and NGOs such as Circle of Blue. She is also an Advisory Board Member for Vector Center and a World Economic Forum Expert. 

Jennifer has led nearly half of all multi-year water risk assessment (8 out of 17) for the World Bank Group and values the exposure "in the field" to boardrooms to truly understand risks and solutions. 

Before becoming an Independent Expert over 5 years ago, Jennifer was a Manager at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). She was part of PwC's High Potential Program and co-lead PwC's  Global Water Network. She completed her BSc in International Economics and Finance (cum laude) at Tilburg University (NL) and her MSc in Water Science Policy and Management at Oxford University (UK). 

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